House Specialities

Scream’n Nut

A hot sealed donut stuffed with ice cream and your choice of a topping and drizzle!

Donut Bread Pudding

Donuts cooked in pudding adorned with ice cream.

Donut Cone

Think waffle cone but made with donuts!

Are You Scream’n Nuts Challenge?!

13 scoops of ice cream, 13 donuts and our signature donut cherries with a 30 minute time limit… Good Luck!

Loaded Donut Shake

This is what happens when you blend donuts and huge scoops of ice cream, topped with another donut and a donut cherry!





Espresso Shot

House Latte




Matcha Green Tea Latte

Hot Chocolate with Toasted Marshmallow

Handcrafted Brewed Tea


Chai Tea Latte

Cold brew

Ice Cream

We are Scream’n Nuts and wouldn’t be without some unusual flavors. Of course we have some familiar staples but we will try to keep your experience fresh and unique. All of our super premium ice cream is made in house with the best ingredients, hoping to bring the community together.
We have 24 offerings each day including some non dairy.

Are you Scream’n Nuts?

Check out our social media for daily offerings.